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Healthy Breakfast Options


Breakfast – the most commonly skipped meal of the day. Our 21st century lives dictate to us that there is simply no time – and that 15 minutes more sleep is more important. That, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a vast sea of information out there proving that missing breakfast can have dyer consequences for your health.

A recent study by Harvard School of Public Health states that men who skip breakfast are a staggering 27% more likely to suffer from heart disease than men who do not. Additionally – if you’re missing the first meal of the day you’ll be experiencing an array of negative effects such as a worsened memory, bad mood, weaker cognitive abilities and a worse metabolism.

The negative effects thought to be caused by the fact that, when you are sleeping, you are in essence fasting. This means that when you wake up your body is in need of food to break the fast (hence the name) and if not, this will negatively affect your metabolism, blood sugar levels and more.

Comparatively, eating breakfast ensures you have good energy levels for the beginning of the day, reduces the chance of you wanting to eat an unhealthy ‘quick-fix’ snack and improves your mood and cognitive abilities.

So, with that said, here are five top healthy breakfasts you should be having before starting the working day:

  1. Unglamorous thought it may seem, nothing short of incredible it is not, as far as breakfasts go. The first reason why it’s one of the best options is because oats give you slow release energy – meaning that you won’t feel hungry or need another snack soon after eating it. Furthermore it’s high in protein (much needed if you’re weight training), vitamins, iron and much more. Add fruit to your porridge to make it even more healthy!
  2. Muesli with fruit and greek yogurt. Muesli is very high in fibre which is important for your digestive system and is also a very filling breakfast meaning that, like porridge, you won’t be snacking again soon. Fruit compliments muesli giving it a slightly more interesting flavour and also contributing to your 5 a day. Try blueberries for example. Finally greek yogurt is extremely low in fat and very high in protein – making it the ‘cherry on the cake’ for this super breakfast.
  3. Scrambled/boiled or poached eggs. Although cooking a breakfast is sometimes unrealistic in terms of time – it could be a great option for weekends. Eggs are high in protein and also not too calorific – just try to avoid frying them. Two boiled eggs and some toast for example is a perfectly healthy breakfast.
  4. Wholegrain ready made cereals. Boxed cereals are invaluable in terms of saving time in the mornings, we know that. However the choice of cereal is vitally important – try to find a cereal which is wholegrain and rich in vitamins.
  5. Avocado on toast. Avocados are incredibly healthy and provide another great option for a quick and easy breakfast. They contain lots of goodness from protein, to vitamins and even omega-3 – slice one in half and extract some to spread on toast and you’ll be on your way to starting your day right.

Try and make that extra 15 minutes needed to fit a healthy breakfast into your diet – and it will go a long way to helping you in your daily life, whether you’re an avid gym goer or are just beginning your journey towards a healthier life.