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Exercises you can do at home (or at your desk)


Training or any type of exercise does not necessarily have to take place at the gym, class studio or the park. Those of you who have very busy lifestyles and claim you “just don’t have the time” to exercise can easily input short workouts into your week at home and even exercise a little at work too. In fact, those of you who spend long hours at your desk will REALLY benefit from a few simple exercises and mobility drills that will keep your hips and upper (thoracic) spine mobile, as well as glutes and upper back, activated. This is also very important for your musculoskeletal health as constant sitting can be detrimental to these areas. Some good exercises follow with video links for you to watch and learn the necessary techniques:


Are an isometric based upper back exercise and drill performed is lying face down on the floor requiring minimum space.

Watch how-to video here:



Cat and Camel Drill

This is a mobility drill that focuses on the spine and particularly good for the thoracic spine that can become less mobile for those who are not moving enough during the day. 5-10 each way will suffice when performing this drill.

What how-to video here: Cat Stretch exercise



Quadruped Thoracic Spine Rotation Drill

this is another upper back drill but focuses more rotation mobility of the upper back, once again 10 each side will suffice. 

What how-to video here: Thoracic Rotation Drill

Glute Bridges 

These can be done on the floor or anywhere for 10-20 reps, you can do 2-3 sets in a row or even do a set every 1-2 hours to reverse the effects of sitting, make sure you squeeze your glutes and push through your heals.

Watch how-to video here:



Split Squats

This is a unilateral lower body exercise that only requires your body weight, start with sets of around 6 if you struggle with balance and control but look to build up to 10-15 reps for 2-3 sets each.

Watch how-to video here:



McGill Curl Ups

The McGill curl up is a very back friendly abdominal exercise that most people should be capable of doing, start with around 4-6 reps holding the top for 6-8s, remember to switch leg positions!

Watch how-to video here:


The above should give you plenty of ideas to get started remembering you also have push up variations, front and side planks and all floor based abdominal exercises to add as well which most of you will likely know already. All you need to do is start off with the mobility/activation drills and input at least 1 upper body, 1 lower body and a core/abdominal exercise for 2-3 sets and you have a quick body weight workout you can do at work or at home with minimum space needed. No more excuses now get to it!!