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Media Day at McGuigan Gym – York Hall Brawl

Boxing is at the heart of McGuigan Gym, and this week it has taken over in a big way. McGuigan Gym’s first female boxer, Chantelle Cameron is looking to extend her unbeaten record in her third professional fight “York Hall Brawl” at the legendary York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, hosted by Cyclone Promotions this Saturday night. As a professional athlete, Chantelle has been training for months with Shane and the McGuigan Gym team, adhering to strict health and fitness mantras, much like the McGuigan Method 8 pillars. Shane has been massively impressed with Chantelle’s progress; he said: “It’s hard to get female sparring in for her (Chantelle) because they spare once or twice and don’t want to come back because she punches hard. I think she could win a world title in her next five fights.”

Watch Chantelle’s workout during the media day event at McGuigan Gym

Before the arrival of fight night and the bright lights, however, there are processes in place – and yesterday was one part of that – the media day. There’s no feeling quite like the atmosphere of what media day at McGuigan Gym brings. In what we can describe as the most electrifying controlled chaos, the gym filled with reporters, fighters, managers and trainers – all coming down to do a light workout in the gym for the cameras ahead of their respective fights. The buzz is intense, at this point, all of the fighters are ready and in prime condition, opponents are all in the same space – just metres away from each other! Around the gym an array of exciting fighters are ready to put on a show, talking about the fight intently with members of the press or casting slight glances towards their opponents at the other side of the room.

It indeed is the eleventh hour, and all of the work done. Just one thing awaits, the lights to go up and the first bell to sound at 5 pm on Saturday night.