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How many times a week do you wake up and immediately check and respond to texts and emails? As our lives get busier, work days get longer and social media keeps us distracted day and night it’s no wonder Mindfulness has become a buzzword of late.

Outside of the books and articles, you may have read, mindfulness in its simplest form is stopping to be aware in the present moment and most certainly does not require you to be a zen master to practice it. Practising mindfulness can be as simple as taking a short walk through the park amongst the trees to disengage and switch off from a busy day.

Given that Mindfulness practices can assist in reducing stress levels and improving your mental well-being it should really become a habit that works together with our physical fitness routines to maintain our overall wellness.

With this in mind, your mindfulness goal for the week is to perform a 5-minute breathing meditation every day.

Here’s what to do:

  • Set a timer for 5 mins,
  • Sit comfortably up straight, crossed legged on the floor (or on a chair if you prefer)
  • Start by taking a deep breath in and mentally counting to 5 whilst exhaling.  
  • Continue until the 5 minutes are up

This 5-minute practice is taken from the book Adrenal fatigue: A 21st-century stress syndrome by Jim Wilson which is definitely worth the read if you’re interested in learning more about mindfulness practices.